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Unleash Your Innovation with
Our Consulting Services

Design a creative and innovative future beyond conventional models

We are bilingual DX consultants based in Japan


Strategy & Transformation Consulting

Transform business operating model by creating new customer value and designing new business capabilities


Digital consulting

Drive end-to-end digital transformation across business by reinventing the customer value proposition


"Kaikaku Canvas"
Product Service

"Kaikaku Canvas" empowers our clients to unleash the value of digital transformation

Case Studies

Legacy System Assessment

We face challenges to maintain legacy systems that has grown organically over time to meet business needs.

We want to assess the legacy systems to modernize them to achieve defined values for both business and IT.

Customer Challenges

Our client faced challenges in an operation of  legacy custom system.  We were asked to assess seven architectural layers of the system to identify inherited technical constraints and IT security risks and make a proposal of alternative archetypes to modernize the system.


Our Services

Propose the recommended archetype and roadmap to modernize the legacy system based on the comprehensive assessment of seven architectural layers; 1) Business, 2) User Interface, 3) System Interface, 4) Application, 5) Database, 6) IT Security, and 7) Infrastructure in 4 months.



Identified IT risks during the architecture and source code assessment.  Created a future state architectural design concept that defines modernization approach and roadmap by evaluating the current business process and technologies. 

Connecting Dots

Business alliance with US technology company

Leveraging advanced IT capabilities of US sister company

Proposing solutions with access to advanced digital technologies worldwide

Global Network of Liberius Technology

Knowledge of advanced digital technologies



System Engineer

Design, develop, and implement systems to realize new customer value

Digital Consultant

Drive end-to-end digital transformation across business

IT Project manager

Drive to achieve digital transformation of customer through project planning, scheduling, executing and monitoring IT project

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