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We build mutually beneficial partnerships to create sustainable value for our customers

Liberius Technology

Liberius originates from the 'liberty' in Latin.

We help our customers to unleash their potential

and create new source of value

with digital technologies.

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Our 'out-of-the-box' logo represents
the creation of innovative future
emerging from unconventional thinking



Empowering individuals to challenge the status quo

We believe in fostering a culture of innovation and encouraging our employees and stakeholders to think differently and push boundaries


Bringing ideas to life

Through our AI solutions and services, we design a creative and innovative future for industries and communities worldwide


  1. Customer Empathy
    Demonstrate empathy to our customers and help solve problems and build trust and rapport.

  2. Ownership mindset
    Leaders act beyond their own team and continue to take on challenges by seeing them as new opportunities.


  3. Commit to Deliver
    Efforts does not always guarantee the desired results but we commit to take efforts.


  4. Quest for Speed
    Time is an opportunity.  Quest for speed and take a calculated risk.


  5. Be Curious
    New ideas does not come to you. Only your curiosity finds them and breakthrough the status quo.


  6. Mechanism matters
    Increase the chance of success by organizing and standardizing processes.


  7. Hire for value fit
    Attract top talent fit values.

President and CEO


Hiroyuki Nagamitsu

Result-oriented executive with focusing on digital business transformation to drive fundamental changes to how business operates and deliver value to customers. 

Professional Careers

  • Walmart Japan
    Head of Merchandising Transformation

  • MetLife Life Insurance
    Executive Officer and VP in Business Analysis

  • Morgan Stanley Securities
    Vice President and Head of Asian IT Business Management

  • KPMG Consulting



  • Certified Management Accountant

  • MBA, McGill University

  • BSs in Information Systems, California State University





Liberius Technology Inc.


THE E.A.S.T. Nihonbashi-Tomizawacho

9-4 Nihonbashi-Tomizawacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo


  • Corporate strategy and transformation consulting

  • Planning, development, implementation and maintenance of IT systems

  • SaaS product development and services

  • Data analytics

  • Market research and analysis

Main Bank

Legal Advisor


Mitsubishi UFJ Bank
Tamachi Branch  |  Saving Account 2160957


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