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Digital Strategy

IT Security Strategy

Design IT governance processes and guidelines leveraging ISO27001 and COBIT5 and implement technologies to comply with IT security standards

IT Governance Framework

IT governance framework assists enterprises to define guidelines, measures, roles and responsibilities and monitoring processes to comply with regulatory compliance, risk management and security standard.

  1. Define roles and responsibilities of IT Governance Risk and Security (ITGRC)

  2. Design and implement ITGRC guidelines and procedures

  3. Configure technologies to meet IT security standard

  4. Define and monitor Key Performance Indicators for ITGRC

  5. Implement the list of IT internal controls

  6. ​Perform ITGRC monitoring processes on a regular basis

  7. Report a management summary to the relevant committee

IT Governance Maturity Assessment

COBIT5 provides a maturity assessment model based on CMMI.

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